Meet Our Founder

Hey y'all! I'm Rhiannon. I founded Nhue Standard with a mission to create generational health through better products. I'm so glad you're here!


I’ve been on my better living journey for over 13 years now, but I like to say it started at birth. As a baby, I had sensitive skin and could only use cloth diapers. From the moment God created me, my body innately knew what was better for me.

I grew up with a grandmother who used essential oils, had a beautiful garden, and used old school recipes to help keep us healthy and also make us feel better when we needed that too. My mother would (and still does!) direct me to look things up in the Nutritional Healing book and put some Arnica gel on it. I’m grateful to have grown up around health minded women.

I’m grateful to have grown up around health minded women.

I’m even grateful for the challenging times. In 1997, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Something we had never experienced in our family before. It rocked my world, but we thank God for healing. I also thank God for opening my eyes to the many reasons why taking care of ourselves is important. Our lives literally depend on it.

I faced my own health challenges when I was diagnosed with acid reflux and mild IBS. I remember leaving the doctor’s office determined to find a better way to treat myself than the typical routes. I discovered papaya enzymes,  a wonderful drink called Kombucha, and the beauty in loving and moving your body. All Glory to God that I no longer consider those health challenges.

The final pieces of the puzzle came together for me as a watched my favorite YouTuber, Hey Fran Hey. Fran taught me so much about making my own products and paying attention to the ingredients in the products I used. As I transitioned away from chemical relaxers, I wanted to find products I could use in my hair that would be good for me and promote health after learning about the toxic ingredients found in haircare promoted to black women. I couldn’t believe some of the ingredients companies were allowed to use and sell to us. One day I thought to myself, if it’s like this for hair products, then what else?

I couldn’t believe some of the ingredients companies were allowed to use and sell to us. 

One simple question - what else? - Lead me on a path of self-discovery, brand discovery, and ingredient discovery. This very question is why Nhue Standard exists today. I discovered toxic ingredients everywhere. No industry or product was exempt. When our daughter was born, I was again sent on a journey, but this time it no longer just belonged to me, now it was my job to fight for her as well. For the better ingredients she deserved. The better ingredients we all deserve.

Our mission at Nhue Standard is to find just that - All Better Everything. I pray health over you, your family, and your loved ones. I pray you learn something here that empowers generational healing in your bloodline. From my family to yours, I welcome you. We’re all family now and I’m fighting for better for all of us. Join me.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 2